Incest has become the general term for sexual abuse against children, whether or not the violator belongs to the family. Incest is a hushed up and tabooed type of abuse and involves not only intercourse or related incidents, but also touching the child in a (for the adult) sexual manner, invitation to touch the adult, repeated sexual remarks, etc. It is estimated that 5 % of all girls and boys are exposed to sexual abuse.[1] Incest commonly involves a relationship based on confidence or dependence between the child and the abuser, who may be an older brother or sister, a parent, grandparent, stepparent, friend of the family, a sports trainer, or any other adult with a close relationship with the child. Characteristic of incest is that an adult or an older person involves a child in sexual acts to satisfy his or her own needs.

The consequences of incest for the victim as an adult can be:

  • guilt and shame;
  • sexual difficulties;
  • abuse of food, drugs, alcohol;
  • the feeling of being undeserving of love or care;
  • depressions, fear and nightmares
  • lack of concentration or focus.

Children are sexual beings at their own stage of development. The child must be allowed to explore its own sexuality on its own terms without the exploitation by an adult of the child’s sexuality.

[1] CSM Syd: ”Forekomst” ( Lokaliseret 17-10-2016

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